Mankind has always strived to overcome obstacles such as rivers or ravines and to create links across them. Bridges are not just a way to cross valleys and ravines. Bridges are testaments to architecture and an important part of our infrastructure. To us, bridge construction is the crowning discipline of structural engineering.

We have been active in bridge design for more than five decades. During this time, far more than 1000 bridge structures were successfully realized thanks to our services. The experience gained and the competence of the owners and personnel of Büchting + Streit AG makes it possible for us to offer comprehensive consulting services beyond just pure design and structural checking services to our clients – both public and private infrastructure owners and construction companies.


The steadily increasing need for efficient transportation and supply infrastructure coupled with the increasing density in residential areas and the development of the countryside leads to higher demand for underground structures.

Tunnel construction is one of the most fascinating, but also difficult challenges in structural engineering. There are direct interactions and interdependencies between the actual tunnel structure, the excavation of the required cavity, and the rock or soil to be traversed. The surrounding rock itself is, in a sense, a construction material whose load bearing capability can also be utilized.

Conventional and machine driven bored tunnel construction, along with open-cut tunnel construction, make up a significant business segment of our company. Thanks to extensive experience and competence in tunnel construction, we are able to cover all areas, from consultation and design to expert assessment and structural checking of new and existing tunnels.


The construction of residential and commercial buildings accounts for a very large proportion of construction work. Of vital importance to the success of the project are the high quality of the design, the structural checking, and the timely execution. In this context, dealing with all of the structural details systematically and flawlessly is not only important to us, but is also an exciting challenge, whether it is a smaller building project or a complex building.

The biggest challenges with inner-city building projects are often presented by existing buildings. This is because it is often required, for example, to partially or completely integrate existing buildings in the new building(s) or to construct special underground civil engineering works such as excavations, underpinnings, or deep foundations in the immediate vicinity of existing buildings. We are active not only in check engineering but also in the design of engineered buildings.

Underground Engineering

Underground engineering includes foundations, retaining structures, and other special underground civil engineering works requiring engineered design. We also include civil engineering works that are embedded in the subsoil, such as dry underpass or trough structures, shafts, and tanks. To us, the key to successful innovative technical solutions is in the design of foundations optimally suited to the soil conditions and the structure, as well as the intelligent, client-oriented application of specialized foundation engineering techniques. In this way we, and our clients, profit equally from our extensive know-how.

Particularly noteworthy is our specialization in the comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to soil-structure interactions.