B + S Knowledge

As consulting engineers, structural designers, and third party check engineers, we are your structural engineering partner for all construction projects in bridge, tunnel, and building construction. You will benefit from our competence and extensive expertise, which is derived not only from the sum of the individual skills, qualifications, and expertise of our consulting engineers, check engineers, and personnel, but also from the know-how our firm has collected over more than 50 years.

We are closely connected with the Technical University of Munich and maintain close collaboration with colleagues in complementary fields. This makes it possible for us to deliver not only design and third party checking services, but also comprehensive consulting services and services that go beyond the interface between research and development.

Testimony to our expertise are our reference projects as well as numerous publications in specialized media, technical presentations, and teaching activities.

B + S Experience

We have been effectively engaged in structural engineering for more than five decades. In addition, our check engineers have been providing checking services for over 30 years in concrete and tunnel construction.

Thanks to our contribution, more than 1,000 bridge structures of all types have been successfully completed in the last 50 years. One focus of our design work comprises the detailed design for large bridge projects. For our work on the Scherkonde Viaduct we were awarded the German Bridge Construction Prize in 2012.

For tunnel construction, we are a competent partner on your side providing services ranging from consultation, design, and structural checking, to expert assessment of new and existing tunnels. We have many years of design experience and competence in this area as well as in both conventional and mechanical tunnel driving methods.

You can also rely on our extensive know-how in cut-and-cover tunneling and underground civil works including dry underpass and trough structures. In this area we have unique experience in the design and structural checking of challenging structures such as structures with long span structural members, special foundations, or high loads from the buildings above.  We can also provide references for multi-level skewed intersecting tunnels in areas with intersecting traffic routes and complicated construction sequences in inner-city areas.

B + S Creativity

In the coordination of our projects, we are often confronted with out of the ordinary technical challenges.  In our view, in addition to extensive experience  and well-founded knowledge of standards and guidelines, creativity is an important key to the effective solution of technical challenges.

Creative solutions often make the difference in complex circumstances – from challenging detailed issues to large, high visibility projects. We place great value on providing the ideal setting within our team for creative engineering.  This means that the active exchange of knowledge and experience goes hand in hand with opportunities to engage constructively and to take on responsibility.

The success of our creative solutions is illustrated by the construction of the 576 m long Scherkonde Viaduct – the first semi-integral railway viaduct in Germany. We were awarded the 2012 German Bridge Construction Prize for this project.

B + S Company

We are an independent, owner-operated structural engineering firm. Our core competencies include bridge and tunnel construction, where we have over 50 years of experience. Our range of services encompasses the conceptual design through to the detailed design and construction planning of challenging new structures as well as the strength evaluation, rehabilitation, strengthening and retrofitting of high visibility existing structures.

Our check engineers and certified experts are accredited in concrete and masonry construction, tunnel construction, and composite construction and provide their checking and inspection services under both public authority and private mandates. Their services are provided through B+S Prüfingenieure GbR in cooperation with the personnel of Büchting + Streit AG.

We see ourselves as a quality-conscious and reliable service provider for the solution of technically challenging issues in our work with both national and international clients.

Our company structure comprises competent personnel under the direct guidance of the executive directors allowing individualized client support for each project. In addition, when required, we can provide comprehensive interdisciplinary service through our excellent network with renowned and competent colleagues and firms in complementary technical specializations.

B + S Company Leadership
B + S Personnel

Our employee base comprises circa 45 highly qualified Engineers and Administrators. All of our structural engineers and draftsmen are Dipl. Engineers (or M.Sc./M.Eng.) and have extensive experience in the design and structural checking of bridges, tunnels, and other structures.

The majority of our employees have had long careers with our company. The extensive experience of our firm is primarily embodied in our employees, therefore we place great importance on their continued professional development and the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience. We achieve this by providing a very good working atmosphere as well as providing regular training courses and forums in which technical issues can be collectively discussed

B + S Qualifications

We have the following qualifications in the areas of bridge, tunnel, building and underground engineering:

  • Check Engineers and Certified Experts for Structural Safety, Specialization Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Experts for Structural Verifications in Railway Construction, Area of Expertise Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Independent Expert for Railway Construction, Area of Expertise Tunnel Construction
  • Expert for Assessment of Bridges and Structures for Non-federally Owned Railways in Bavaria
  • “Person with Special Expertise” for Regular Bridge Inspections
  • Expert Welding Engineer EWE / IWE
B + S Collaborations

In order to successfully realise construction projects today requires being able to deal with ever more complex requirements. This demands technical competence as well as interdisciplinary collaborations to minimise the interface risks for the client. In this regard, we can rely on our established and project specific partnerships with renowned and competent expert colleagues and firms.

Office Partnerships
At our head office in Munich we have established office partnerships with the sole proprietorships Dr. Plica Ingenieure and Ingenieurbüro Jörg Lutzens.
The core competencies of Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Plica are in the areas of railway superstructure, track and railway tie loadings, and mast structures.
Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Lutzens specializes in steel and railway bridge construction and has many years of experience as a check engineer for the German Federal Railway Authority.

Permanent Cooperation with the TU Munich
Through Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Fischer, member of our Executive Board, we are in direct contact with the Chair for Concrete and Masonry Structures at the Technical University of Munich. This results in a direct interface with the latest research results in all areas of concrete and masonry construction.

This synergy is especially advantageous in the development and application of new construction methods and in addressing specific problems which may require testing of structural components and an assessment by an independent expert. Along with Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Fischer as independent expert, our cooperation with the Chair and the Material Testing Institute (MPA) at the TU Munich allows us to offer comprehensive services in this regard.

Project Specific Collaborations
In addition to the aforementioned permanent collaborations, we regularly work together with renowned specialists in complementary fields on a project specific basis.

In combination with our partner offices we are always in a position to provide technical services even for very large projects, such as the Strela Sound Crossing, the rail link for the Berlin Brandenburg Airport, and the Albvorland Tunnel.

B + S Awards
  • Strela Sound Crossing – Nominated for the German Bridge Construction Prize 2010
    (planning coordination for the entire project, alterative proposal and detailed design for the approach bridges by Büchting + Streit)

  • Scherkonde Viaduct – Structural Engineering Award 2010 by Ernst & Sohn
    (alterative proposal and detailed design by Büchting + Streit)


  • Scherkonde Viaduct – German Bridge Construction Prize 2012

  • Lahntalbridge Limburg – Nominated for the German Bridge Construction Prize 2018
    (alterative proposal and detailed design by Büchting + Streit)


  • Pilot project Greißelbach bridge – Nominated for the German Bridge Construction Prize 2018
    (independent checking by Büchting + Streit)


  • Döllbach viaduct – Award due to „20 years Symposium Brückenbau in Leipzig“ in the category manufacturing technology for the design of the dismantling
    (detailed design for the dismantling and the new bridge by Büchting + Streit)
B + S Membership

As a company and as individuals, we are active members in various professional associations and technical societies:

AHO (Committee of the Associations and Chambers of Engineers and Architects for Regulation of Fees and Services) 

BAYIKA (Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers)

BÜV (Construction Inspection Association)

Association of Friends of the TU Munich

DAfStB (German Committee for Reinforced Concrete)

DIN (German Institute for Standardization)

DBV (German Society for Concrete and Construction Technology)

DGEB (German Society for Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics)

The International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib)

FMTUM  Development Association for Concrete and Masonry Structures of the TU München)

Friends of Civil Engineering at TU Dresden

Friends Association of the Federal Foundation for Baukultur

GAMM (International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics)

IABSE (International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering)

STUVA (Research Association for Tunnels and Transportation Facilities)

VBI (German Association of Consulting Engineers)

VDEI (Verband Deutscher Eisenbahn-Ingenieure e.V.)

VDI (Association of German Railway Engineers)

Association for Promoting Quality in Education and Training for Inspection Engineers

VFSVI (Association for the Promotion of Professional Development for Highway and Traffic Engineers in Bavaria)

VPI (Federal Association of Check Engineers for Structural Engineering) and VPI-Bayern (Bavarian State Association)
www.bvpi.de, www.vpi-by.de

VPI-EBA (Assocation of Experts / Examiners for Structural Verifications in Railway Construction)

VPSB (Assocation of Certified Experts in Bavaria)

VSVI (Assocation of Highway and Traffic Engineers in Bavaria)